Attempt to Shutdown Debate on Bill C-10 Ruled Out of Order by the Speaker

OTTAWA: Gerald Soroka, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, is pleased to advise that the Speaker of the House of Commons struck down the Liberal amendments to Bill C10, because Liberals/Bloc/NDP broke the rules in ramming it through.
The Speaker’s ruling came in response to a challenge to the admissibility of the amendments, raised by Conservative MP Blake Richards on Monday. In his ruling, Speaker Anthony Rota found that the committee “exceeded its authority” by passing the amendments after the House imposed time limit on further work by the committee had expired. As a result, he ordered that all but one of the changes passed after their deadline be struck from the version of the bill currently before the House. The one amendment the Speaker has let stand was connected to a previously adopted change to the wording of the legislation.
The Speaker said:
“I therefore rule that the committee exceeded its authority by putting the question on amendments after the five-hour mark…All other amendments made to clauses 8 to 47 are declared null and void and will no longer form part of the bill as reported to the House. In addition, I am ordering that a reprint of the bill be published with all possible haste for use by the House at report stage to replace the reprint ordered by the committee.”
MP Soroka’s speech given the night before on C-10 can be found at: