Changes to the Rules Respecting Track Safety

OTTAWA – Gerald Soroka Member of Parliament for Yellowhead wishes to advise that Transport Canada has approved another phase of changes to the Rules Respecting Track Safety, which focus on track inspection frequency and the use of automated track inspection technology. These changes are the result of a Ministerial Order that was issued in 2020 to address major risks that could cause derailments due to the condition of railway infrastructure.

Due to these latest changes, railway companies will be required to:

  • increase the frequency of railway track inspections in higher risk areas where trains travel at faster speeds while carrying a greater tonnage of freight;
  • follow new procedures governing the use of advanced automated track inspection technology; and
  • ensure inspection data clearly identifies the exact date and track mileage of any track inspection so that rail safety inspectors can effectively verify compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Rules Respecting Track Safety specify safety requirements that railway companies must follow when inspecting and maintaining their railway track infrastructure.

Details can be found at: