Improved Process to Notify Air Travellers Potentially Exposed to COVID-19 on Domestic Flights


OTTAWA:  Gerald Soroka Member of Parliament for Yellowhead wishes to advise that

Transport Canada, provincial and territorial governments, public health authorities, and Canada’s largest air carriers have established a consistent approach for air carriers to collect and share passenger information necessary to alert Canadians of possible COVID-19 exposure while travelling by air, in compliance with applicable privacy legislation. This would facilitate timely contact tracing and exposure notification for passengers on domestic flights.

The national enhanced notification allows contact tracing to be done in a more consistent manner across all jurisdictions. If a public health authority deems it necessary to conduct contact tracing by notifying passengers directly of possible COVID-19 exposure, complete and accurate passenger contact information will be readily available from Canada’s largest air carriers.

Provincial and territorial public health authorities maintain authority and decision-making over contact tracing while the Public Health Agency of Canada provides guidance.

As part of the improved process, passengers will be asked to provide contact information when they check-in for their flight with large Canadian air carriers.

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