Joint Statement on the Petition e-4460 and Bill C-336, Noah’s Law

OTTAWA, ON – Members of Parliament Blaine Calkins, Gerald Soroka, Damien Kurek, and Senator Pierre- Hugues Boisvenu, hereby issue the following statement:

“Bill C-336, known as Noah’s Law, represents a significant piece of legislation designed to bolster the safety of vulnerable Canadians, with a particular emphasis on women and children. This bill aims to accomplish this by introducing critical amendments to both the Criminal Code and the Sex Offender Registry Act.

“In response to MP Gerald Soroka’s introduction of Bill C-336, MP Blaine Calkins has presented Petition e-4460 in the House of Commons. This petition has garnered substantial support, with nearly 22,000 Canadians fervently urging the Government of Canada to promptly address the deficiencies in the justice system.

“Petition e-4460 specifically calls for the implementation of the following provisions outlined in Bill C-336:

Mandatory Reporting Requirements: Establish mandatory reporting requirements for convicted sexual offenders whenever they change their place of residence.

Failure to Comply as an Offense: Specify that the failure to comply with these reporting obligations constitutes an offense, resulting in the issuance of an arrest warrant.

Dedicated Classification for Offenders: Create a dedicated classification for offenders who have been convicted of sexual assault offenses against children and received sentences exceeding two years or those convicted of two or more violent sexual offenses or offenses involving the abduction of women and/or children.

“The urgency of this proposed legislation cannot be overstated. Canada’s justice system necessitates immediate action to address its shortcomings and safeguard the most vulnerable members of our society.”