MP Soroka Comments on the Speech from the Throne

OTTAWA – The 32-minute Speech from the Throne was more or less a repeat of the Liberals’ major platform promises focusing on the economic recovery from COVID-19, reconciliation, and climate change, reiterating the Liberals’ electoral promises. The political priorities announced by the Liberal government do nothing for Canadians worried about the cost-of-living crisis pricing families out of homes and driving the cost of everyday essentials up, businesses crippled from supply chain constraints, and workers whose wages are stagnating.

Why didn’t the Liberal government present an economic plan for families, seniors and small businesses that have been left behind? Justin Trudeau’s approach means more of the same: more deficits leading to higher taxes, at a time when Canadians are barely making ends meet. Employment and investment to kick start our recovery and strengthen it should have been highlighted in the Speech from the Throne.

What about rural crime? Justin Trudeau’s speech did not address or present a plan to deal with rural crime which has increased in violence and severity over the last several years. This is impacting families and communities across Alberta. Canada’s Conservatives are the only party committed to taking action on rural crime.

We Conservatives are the voice of small business owners, of energy, auto and steelworkers, of farming families, and of parents and seniors. We will be the voice for the millions of Canadians left behind in Justin Trudeau’s economy.

Again, where in the Throne Speech does it deal with inflation, the cost-of-living crisis, the national-unity crisis? There’s no plan to get people working.