MP Soroka Questions the Minister of Environment on the Liberal Fuel Standard

OTTAWA: Gerald Soroka, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead stood in the House today and asked the Minister of Environment the following:

“Mr. Speaker, the Liberal fuel standard will increase the cost of fuel by 4 cents per litre. This increase in cost will have disproportionate effect on Canadians living in rural areas, like so many of my constituents. Rural Canadians don’t have the same transportation options as those in urban centres.
Mr. Speaker, will this government make concessions for rural residents to even the playing field or will they continue gouging rural Canadians?”

The Minister’s response:
“Mr. Speaker using cleaner fuels in our buildings, vehicles and industries is one of the biggest steps we can take to reduce emissions in this country. The clean fuel standard will cut pollution by up to 30 million tonnes in 2030, which is equivalent to taking seven million cars off the roads. It is going to create enormous opportunities for farmers and companies producing renewable fuels, hydrogen, and biofuels. It will encourage investments in energy efficiency that will help Canadians save money. It will assist with the faster deployment of electric vehicles. It is something that will drive innovation in this country, business opportunity and environmental sustainability.”