MP Soroka’s Statement On Trudeau’s Vacations

OTTAWA: Gerald Soroka, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, gave the following statement in the House.

Madame Speaker, the first vacation the Prime Minister went on was to a billionaire’s private island, who he claimed was “a close personal friend” – wasn’t this also his first ethics violation?

In 2021 the first-ever National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, he and his family jetted off to Tofino for a surfing vacation.

This year, before going on vacation at a luxurious Jamaican resort, he received approval from the Ethics commissioner.

 Well, that luxurious Jamaican estate belonged to the wealthy Green family – who have made big donations to the Trudeau Foundation.

The Prime Minister stated Peter Green is “a close personal friend.” Wait, wasn’t the billionaire also a close personal friend?

Oh well, it’s different this time — after all they are both rich donors to the Trudeau foundation.

Madame Speaker, I am sure all Canadians agree they can’t wait until this Prime Minister takes a permanent vacation from politics.”

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