Rising Taxes, Falling Services: Time for Change in Canada

As tax season arrives, Canadians are bracing for more than just the usual paperwork. Thanks to the Liberal government, this April 1st marks significant tax increases: a 2% excise tax on alcohol (increasing to an annual 4.7% in 2026) and a 23% increase in the carbon tax. These hikes are not just numbers on a page; they are real burdens on every Canadian household.

I wish to extend my deepest thanks to the many individuals across Yellowhead who responded to my previous OP-ED by sharing their heating bills. Your contributions have highlighted the outrageous cost of the carbon tax, underscoring the real-life impact of government policies on the cost of living.

These tax increases are part of an escalator tax mechanism, a strategy deployed by the Liberals that ensures annual tax hikes without parliamentary debate or vote. This automatic increase mechanism strips away any semblance of accountability or transparency in how we are taxed, essentially bypassing democratic processes.

The irony of these tax hikes is not lost on me; as Canadians pay more, the quality of government services does not improve—in fact, in many cases, it worsens. Since Trudeau was elected, the government bureaucracy has increased by over 100,000 employees, with spending on public services up by more than $151 billion in that same period. Yet, Canadians are left asking: where is the value for our hard-earned taxpayer dollars?

Furthermore, ample evidence points to wasteful spending and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars, from the failed safe supply drug experiment that has tragically failed to address addiction, to scandals and corruption like ArriveCAN, which has seen taxpayer money funneled into the pockets of corrupt individuals within the government. These examples are not just fiscal missteps; they are betrayals of the public trust.

As we navigate this tax season, it’s crucial to reflect on the broader implications of the NDP-Liberal government’s financial policies. It’s evident that Canadians deserve better. We deserve a government that respects taxpayer dollars, invests wisely in public services, and ensures accountability for every dollar spent.

The Conservative vision is clear: a Canada where taxes are fair, government is accountable, and public services are efficient. I pledge to continue to fight for these ideals, ensuring that the voices of Yellowhead residents are heard loud and clear, and working towards a future where your hard-earned money is respected and well-utilized.